It’s Time To Make A Change. Emotional Eating.

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Emotional Eating.

Using food as a source of comfort is something most people struggle with at some point in their lives. It’s also something we don’t like to discuss (Food, Politics & Religion – Am I right?). Emotional eating is personal and for some painful, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Although it may seem impossible, there are strategies to work through it.First, be aware of your “trigger” times. The most common emotional eating times are after work, mid to late afternoon, and after 8 PM.

During periods of stress, trigger times, strong cravings or emotions, stop and ask yourself before you reach for food: Am I hungry? Am I angry? Am I lonely? Am I tired?   It  works by improving mind/body awareness to more accurately give ourselves what we need.  If you feel angry, lonely, or tired, acknowledge these without judgment. Being angry, lonely and/or tired are some of the most common non-hunger related food triggers. Here’s the breakdown:

Hungry?  Physical hunger hits below the neck, builds gradually, is easily satisfied, and energizes you. Emotional hunger hits above the neck, has a sudden onset, is not easily satisfied, and leaves us feeling tired, sluggish, and sometimes guilty. If you’re unsure what kind of hunger you’re experiencing, ask yourself where you feel it in your body, and eat a healthy snack or a small portion of the food you crave. Note what happens 15-20 min after. If you feel satisfied, you are likely experiencing physical hunger.  If the craving strengthens or now you want something else, it may be emotion related.

Angry? Work towards a resolution of the issue by calmly addressing it. If this is not possible or you aren’t ready, express yourself in another way.  Run, do jumping jacks, climb stairs, or get on a bicycle or elliptical.  Find a way regain control of your heart rate through activity.  Need to settle down? Paint, write, or use another relaxation practice. Attempting to regulate this emotion with an endorphin release from food not only fails to resolve the problem, but can compound it by later causing increased feelings of guilt and in some cases, more anger.

Lonely? Call a friend, walk outside, or invite someone over! If you feel like you have nobody to talk to, join a book club, fitness class that has something unique like boxing at Guruz Fitness Studio, volunteer group, or consider getting a pet.  Pets are not only great companions, but they lead to increased interaction, get you out of the house, and provide common ground to spark a conversation.

Tired? Do something that leaves you feeling energized.  Whether it be exercise, talking with a friend, getting fresh air, or taking a 20 minute snooze.  Set an alarm to go to bed that night and get adequate rest. Lack of sleep wreaks havoc on our ability to self-regulate.

Bottom Line: Everyone emotionally eats, and that is OK! There is nothing inherently bad about this, and food is meant to be enjoyed. But if you feel like it’s causing a problem for your mind/body health, awareness of your own eating cues is important.  Do your best to learn about your body and give it what it truly needs.  It will tell you if you listen!   If you are having problems losing weight and need help taking control of your health and want to feel better all day long, you’re going to want to check out  Precision Nutrition at  Guruz Fitness Studio.

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Weekend-Proof Your Diet


Your 3-Day Game Plan

Welcome to the weekend, when you kick off your shoes, pull on your jeans — and fling your diet out the window!  After watching what you eat all week, it’s natural to want to indulge a little.   The problem is that once you loosen the reins, it’s easy to lose control. “I’ve seen people erase in two days every ounce of progress they made all week,” says Denise Moulier from a Precision Nutrition Coach at Guruz Fitness Studio

Taking a step back for every step forward isn’t just frustrating.  It can lead to your giving up on slimming down. “Eventually the yo-yoing can screw up your metabolism and make it even harder to drop pounds.   To keep that from happening, try these stay-strong strategies for every situation, guaranteed to get you to Monday with your diet intact.

FRIDAY: Happy Hour After Work

You’re in the mood to unwind, but the more you drink, the more you munch. “Alcohol makes you hungry because it lowers your blood sugar, plus, it lifts your inhibitions, so you’ll eat just about anything.

Don’t order your usual. You’re more likely to have a second round when you’re drinking your fave.  To keep it to one serving, get something you can nurse for the time you’re there.   For example, if you guzzle white wine, order a light beer instead.

Go solo. Sharing a pitcher of margaritas with your friends may be more economical, but you’re better off, calorie-wise, ordering by the glass.  That way you can’t lose sight of how much you’re downing because someone is constantly topping you off.

Cover up the snacks. If you seem to be magnetically drawn to that bowl of spicy nuts, drape a napkin over it. Even if you end up sneaking a few bites, you’ll nibble 40 percent less, according to a recent study.  Inserting an extra step is always smart because it slows you down.

SATURDAY: A Friend’s Dinner Party

Being a guest at someone’s house can pose a real dilemma for a dieter. “Not only do you have zero control over the menu, but some hosts are offended when you turn down the food they offer.  Don’t arrive ravenous. It’s tempting to skip lunch in anticipation of a big meal, but that will lead to overeating, especially if dinner is served later than you expect.  Stake out the salad bowl. Is the main dish something sinful, like a 40-pound lasagna?  Fortunately, people usually also serve salad.  So fill the majority of your plate with leafy greens.

SUNDAY: Big Blowout Brunch

During the week, breakfast is typically fast, healthy, and 300 calories, tops. But a leisurely weekend brunch is filled with decadent menu options.  Just a bagel and cream cheese can pack a whopping 600 calories, says Lacee Chagnon a Precision Nutrition Coach at Guruz Fitness.   Share the special stuff. If  you’ve been waiting all week for those golden chocolate chip pancakes, don’t deny yourself.  Order a plate for the table and something more satisfying for yourself, like an omelet with vegetables and a bit of cheese,  a few indulgent bites will take care of your craving.

Have questions on how to manage your overall health?  Contact  one of our Certified Precision Nutrition Coaches.

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U.S. Obesity Rates Reach Historic High, According to CDC Study


More than 70 percent of Americans have a body mass index over 25, classifying them as either overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Since 1999, adult and youth obesity has risen 30 percent and 33 percent, respectively, showing “no signs” of slowing, according to the study’s lead researcher, Dr. Craig Hales, medical epidemiologist at the CDC.

Long-term efforts to combat obesity related disease may also be in jeopardy.   One in 10 preschoolers (ages 2-5), one in five children (ages 6-11) and one in five adolescents (ages 12-19) are now considered obese, not just overweight. Among adults, 35.7 percent of young adults (ages 20-39), 42.8 percent of middle-aged adults (40-59) and 41 percent of older adults (60 and over) are now obese.  More than 70 percent of Americans have a BMI over 25, classifying them as are either overweight or obese (30 and above).

Precision Nutrition can help you to achieve the healthy state you and your family need.

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Guruz Fitness Boxing for Self-Defense


Self-defense is an important survival mechanism. The ability to defend oneself and your love ones is essential. Men do have a clear advantage when it comes to physical force and strength. Because they have naturally bigger muscle mass; they are faster, stronger and more agile compared to women.

As a women; never underestimate a man’s capacity towards aggression. Anticipate, expect and prepare yourself well by mental conditioning to control your fear and panic. Physical preparation is essential. One of the best ways is to gain strength by taking classes that have boxing, you’re physical attributes will be heightened.  You’re physical power will increase because your working out a heavy bag, you will gain greater speed, stamina, coordination and better fighting techniques as you train the discipline over time. These are attainable attributes if you train and practice enough to gain it. However, never be too complacent and over confident on your  skills.

 In order for you to successfully defend yourself, it is essential for you to be alert at all times. Have a constant practice and training to gain your defensive proficiency. Rely more on practicality and on being wise rather always expect the unexpected. Most prevalent criminal motives of men over women are sexual intentions. Avoid wearing sexually enticing clothes.  Equipping yourself with these principles will increase your chances to spare your life.

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