5 Reasons You May Be Struggling To Lose Weight


There are a bazillion things pulling at us every day, demanding our attention and creating stress. We all seem to be doing a million things at once.

And we all seem to be stressed to the max.

So the last thing we need to do is add more stress into our lives – stress over eating well and working out.

Now that doesn’t mean you should simply skip working out and eating well (because both can also REDUCE STRESS, make you FEEL BETTER and INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY), but it does mean you want to make some changes to your diet and exercise program so that you can stress less and get better results!

Below are 5 Reasons You May Be Struggling To Lose Weight. These things can not only hinder your progress but even add to your stress so that you eventually fall off your program and re-enter that horrible yo-yo dieting and exercising cycle!

1. You’re too focused on working out longer and doing MORE.

People think they need to go do an hour of steady state cardio to lose weight. But guess what!?! Your body adapts to that. So to keep losing weight, that means you either have to go for longer or go faster. And often both of those aren’t really an option…Or if we do manage to one or both, we end up injured, burnt out or even stressed out because it becomes hard to fit in the workouts.

But what if you didn’t need that whole hour to get even better results than you could doing cardio for an hour? What if you could get results even just occasionally squeezing in 5 minute intense bouts?

Workouts like that would not only fit into your busy life better, but it would help you workout more consistently.


So instead of thinking about working out longer and doing more, focus on efficiency and going hard when you are working out.

If you up your intensity and pick compound exercises, you can get better fat burning and weight loss results from 15 minutes of interval and strength training than you can out of an hour doing steady state cardio!

Steady state cardio really only burns calories DURING the workout while interval work and strength training can help raise your metabolic rate and increase your calorie and fat burning for up to 48 hours after your workout!

2. You’re not focusing on PROTEIN.

People all too often get stuck worrying about how many carbs or how much fat. They argue over low carb or low fat.

But they never focus on the macronutrient that really makes the biggest difference – PROTEIN!

Focus on protein and you are going to see great results.

You don’t have to cut out carbs…Heck if you workout intensely you NEED some carbs. And you don’t have to deprive yourself of fat. FAT ISN’T EVIL! Actually, if you cut your fat too low, you are going to mess with your hormone levels and really slow down or even completely stall and prevent yourself from getting results!

But if you make protein your focus, you’re not only going to build lean muscle mass, but actually burn more fat and feel FULLER. If you want to grow stronger and look leaner, you need to get enough protein to build, repair and even MAINTAIN your muscle tissue!

Plus, protein has a higher thermogenic effect than the other Macros, meaning you actually burn more calories to process protein, making it harder to gain fat when your diet is high in protein (studies have even shown it to have a thermogenic effect 5 times greater than carbs or fat!).

Studies of thermogenesis have also shown that one of the most important roles protein plays in body weight regulation is due to the fact that it increases feelings of satiety or feeling full!

So if you aren’t getting enough protein that may be why you aren’t losing weight!

3. You’re not tracking what you’re doing.

We all hate tracking.  But this may be the single most important thing because if you don’t really know what you are eating, if you aren’t holding yourself ACCOUNTABLE, if you aren’t tracking what is working, you’re not going to see results!

Track what you eat and stick with a program. Then you can make changes as you go! Our Myzone app can help you achieve this. Myzone Food Shots

But if you don’t track, you don’t truly know. You can forget about things that are going on. You may not realize how low your protein is even when you feel like you are getting it at every meal.

Heck, you may even be surprised by the hidden calories and macro ratios in certain foods you eat…foods you can easily tweak if only you KNEW what was in them.

That is why you track. Try a fitness tracker like My Fitness Pal and log what you are eating. It will show you what is truly going on so you can make small changes and swaps instead of simply jumping from diet to diet!

4. You’re randomly adjusting your calories.

Often we think that losing weight means eating less. And yes…A calorie deficit is important.

But continuing to cut calories may not be the answer. If you cut out too many calories, your energy will drop. You can stall your metabolism. And your workouts will suffer, which will not only hinder your fitness progress, but potentially even your weight loss progress.

And on top of that, you may fall into HANGRY territory. Feeling hungry all the time doesn’t make anyone happier or less stressed.

Plus, if you constantly feel hungry at some point you’re going to run out of self control and end up binging. And binging leads to guilt. Which leads to more binging. Which leads to you ending up potentially worse off than where you started…And back in the yo-yo dieting cycle!

So while you need a calorie deficit, you don’t want to cut your calories too low! Stay energized. Stay feeling ready to tackle the day!

Because eating well should make you feel better NOT like you’re starving and constantly angry and tired!

5. You’re depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy.

I NEED dessert. Yes…I know this is an “excuse.” I will not literally die if I don’t have it.

But after dinner, if I don’t get a sweet treat, I just sit there thinking about how I want something. And I get bitter if I can’t have it.

And I end up binging on desserts the next chance I get.

So to avoid this, I have something sweet every night. I’ve found healthy swaps that fit my macros when I want. And other times, I indulge in that ice cream or those peanut butter cookies.

But I don’t DEPRIVE myself. Because that just isn’t realistic.

And not feeling deprived helps make this a realistic lifestyle. You aren’t simply waiting for it to be over!

If you want to learn more about how to live a cleaner lifestyle contact Guruz Fitness Studio


Are you guilty of these 5 food mistakes?


Are You Over Fruting

Squeezing too much fruit into your diet may do more harm than good.

According to the principles of seasonal eating, our bodies begin to crave cleansing, hydrating foods in the warmer seasons. After months of hearty soups and stews, a diet that prioritizes fresh fruit is a refreshing change, quite literally. And while it’s not exactly a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t situation, you can get too much of a good thing, even when it comes to something as health-promoting as fruit. Though it comes bundled with fiber and other nutrients, “the fructose in fruit is still sugar, and when we overdo it, that sugar is warmly welcomed into our fat cells.  Here’s how to keep a healthy habit from turning harmful.


    No fruit is off-limits, but bananas and grapes aren’t exactly weight-loss weapons, says Brown. Better bets: Asian pears, strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, and papaya, all of which have a low glycemic load, a measure of how strongly a food impacts your blood sugar.


    Like chicken breasts and bagels, bananas and apples have doubled in size over the years, says Brown. Shop somewhere that charges by the pound, not the piece, and choose the smallest size available.


    “You can drive yourself crazy trying to count grams of naturally-occurring sugar,” warns Brown. Instead, limit yourself to two pieces or cups of fruit a day.


    Even the green kind can contain up to four servings of fruit and 90 grams of sugar. If nutritional information is available, choose a smoothie with 30 or fewer grams of sugar and make that your only fruit for the day. If not, pick one made with no more than two varieties of fruit.


    The fiber in fruit helps regulate your body’s absorption of the sugar so your energy levels don’t spike and crash, but adding some fat and/or protein slows it down even more. Pair your fruit with nuts, seeds, sliced turkey or jerky.


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Are you guilty of these 5 food mistakes?

 1. You Use Bee Pollen To Cure Allergies

BEE POLLEN ISN’T A SUPER FOODbeepollenThe supplement won’t boost your performance in the gym and it could trigger allergies.


July 11th, 2017

Hailed as a superfood, bee pollen is the substance that collects on the animals’ bodies as they fly from flower to flower. It contains some nectar and bee saliva and can be bought in powder or granule form. It’s said to be rich in proteins, energizing B vitamins, and antioxidants that benefit your immune system and reduce inflammation (theoretically helping you recover faster from a workout). That’s why fit folks have been blending it in their smoothies,  using it as a toast topper, or sprinkling it on oatmeal. But bee pollen isn’t necessarily the miracle food it’s touted to be.

According to The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, people take bee pollen in hopes of getting a boost in athletic performance, but research suggests their efforts are in vain. In terms of macronutrients, one teaspoon of the powder contains 15 calories, three grams of carbs, one gram of fiber, two grams of sugar, and one gram of protein. Thus, consuming such a small serving hardly makes a dent in your overall quota for the day. And despite being rich in amino acids, bee pollen doesn’t hold a candle to more nutritious foods, such as salmon and spinach, says Christine Gerbstadt, M.D., R.D., an internist and nutritionist based in Bethesda, Maryland.

We will have a different one each week! Stay tuned each Thursday to get all the 5 food mistakes you might be making! #guruzfitness.com

What should your post workout meal consist of?

The Post Workout plate recommendations are for those who perform intense exercise. Eat a Post Workout meal soon after your intense exercise sessions only.
This plate helps us take advantage of the body’s metabolic response to exercise. It includes starchy carbohydrates and protein, which are great during times of increased glucose tolerance (during the post-exercise period). We also advise a mix of vegetables and fruits.

You’ll notice there isn’t much fat here. A higher fat meal post-workout slows the digestion and the assimilation of protein and carbohydrate. So we recommend getting most dietary fat during Anytime meals and most dietary carbohydrates during PW meals. Keep in mind we’re not suggesting you avoid fat. Just minimize added fat.

Notice that the Post Workout portion is slightly larger, as we add a small side dish of starchy carbohydrates on top of a full plate of protein and fruits/veggies. Of course, one should use smaller or larger plates based on body size.

In terms of food selection, the Post Workout plate is still based on whole, unprocessed foods, with local and organic selections when possible.

Precision Nutrition Coaching is a  body transformation program that guides you through important—yet sustainable—changes in your eating and lifestyle with help from a certified expert coach.

Happy Healthy Eating!




3 moves for better posture

Posture is an oft-overlooked aspect of fitness that affects how you feel, how you look, and even your performance in the gym. When it’s poor (which can be brought about by anything from prolonged sitting to texting) it can lead muscles and tendons to grow dehydrated and stiff, limiting range of motion and putting athletes at risk for injury.

While not overly taxing, the moves in this posture workout provide hydration, blood, and oxygen to muscles and tendons—in turn, preserving range of motion and combating the effects of aging and technology. Work through the moves one after the next. Repeat two to three times. Do it three to four times a week for best results.

Prone Breathing

Why you need it: “The position of the rib cage can affect body mechanics and have a negative impact on our posture. When there is faulty breathing, this can reduce space around the shoulder joint leading to impingement and pain.”

How to do it: Lie face down. Place hands underneath forehead and take a deep breath in, focusing on pushing belly button into the ground. Limit the chest from expanding and focus on the abdominal area. Exhale slowly through lips. Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, breathe out for 7 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

Arm Bar

Why you need it: “This is one of the most effective exercises for promoting mobility and stability of the shoulders and spine. With the addition of a load to this position it not only forces you to stabilize, it ensures that the joint is properly aligned, allowing for movements that are often compromised as a result of sitting or overuse in sports.”

How to do it: Start laying face-up on the ground and press the kettlebell straight up with your right hand. Bring your left hand overhead vertically and press your right foot into the ground in order to roll your body over until your right knee lands on the ground. If this position is easy, you can straighten out your bent leg, emphasizing more rotation in the trunk. Rotate the kettlebell back and forth in the air 10 times. Repeat on the other side. 

Step Back Lunge with Overhead Reach

Why you need it: “We have connective tissue that runs all the way from the foot to the back of the neck. This stretches and increases range of motion through the hip, thoracic spine, and shoulder.”

How to do it: Stand with right foot forward and left leg back. Slowly lower body, getting the left knee close to the ground, while simultaneously reaching up toward the ceiling and across body, having left arm come up and across the head. Repeat 10 times.