How can you bite into a healthy lifestyle?

It’s Time to Mix Things Up!
It’s National Nutrition Month®! The theme this year is “Bite Into
a Healthy Lifestyle.” Feeling inspired but not sure where to
start? Here are a few great ways to build a healthy lifestyle…
• Make Smart Choices. Do you know what’s really in your
food? How many calories? How many nutrients? The more
you know, the wiser your decisions can be. If you’re
shopping in the grocery store, look at the Nutrition Facts
labels of foods before you put them in your cart. If you’re
dining out, look up the menu online.
• Eat and Drink Fewer Calories. Keep empty calories to a
minimum and focus on foods like fresh fruits, fresh
vegetables, lean protein sources, low-fat dairy products, and
whole grains. These are all keys to a healthful and balanced diet that’s rich in nutrients.

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