Guruz Fitness Studio Nutrition Philosophy

When it comes to nutrition, our 3 main goals at Guruz are:

1. Improve your body composition 2. Improve your health 3. Improve your performance

It’s the combination of these three aspects of that makes a complete nutritional plan worth following. Food intake has the highest impact on weight loss, while adding in exercise leads to the physical changes you can see over time. A quick lesson on carbohydrates: Whenever you consume carbohydrates (in any form), they are converted into glucose (sugar) during digestion. Your body’s response to glucose is insulin production. Insulin’s job is to get the sugar out of the bloodstream and store it in cells (typically fat cells). We need some carbohydrates to function and produce energy, but moderation here is key. At Guruz, we provide a physician supervised weight loss system, combined with specifically designed, heart-rate monitored exercise to get your body functioning at its full capacity.

Guruz Chocolate Protein Shakes- 80 calories, 15g protein per serving!
Soups, chili, and smoothies to make your journey to better health a delicious one.
Delicious, protein-packed snacks and meal replacements
Delicious, protein-packed snacks and meal replacements

Depending on your personal weight loss and nutrition goals, you can choose between 3 Guruz plans. The first two plans (G1 and G2) are designed for rapid to moderate weight loss and focus on initial reduction in carbohydrates in order to balance insulin production and fat storage at the beginning of weight loss. Gradually, a whole foods-based, balanced diet will allow weight loss to be maintained and energy to be optimized!


  • Individuals who want to lose 30+ pounds
  • Rapid weight loss (2-3 lbs. per week)
  • Low carbohydrate approach, incorporating 3-4 meal replacements each day
  • Light exercise recommended


  • Individuals who want to lose 5-30 pounds
  • Slow/moderate weight loss (1-3 lbs. per week)
  • Low carbohydrate approach, incorporating 1-2 meal replacements each day
  • Moderate to Intense Exercise recommended


  • Individuals who want to lose up to 5 lbs. or maintain current weight
  • Balanced diet; whole foods approach, can supplement with meal replacements as desired
  • Customized to individuals based on goals, exercise intensity, and frequency

Stop by Guruz Fitness Studio and ask about our nutrition plans and our one-of-a-kind group fitness experience!

How can you bite into a healthy lifestyle?

It’s Time to Mix Things Up!
It’s National Nutrition Month®! The theme this year is “Bite Into
a Healthy Lifestyle.” Feeling inspired but not sure where to
start? Here are a few great ways to build a healthy lifestyle…
• Make Smart Choices. Do you know what’s really in your
food? How many calories? How many nutrients? The more
you know, the wiser your decisions can be. If you’re
shopping in the grocery store, look at the Nutrition Facts
labels of foods before you put them in your cart. If you’re
dining out, look up the menu online.
• Eat and Drink Fewer Calories. Keep empty calories to a
minimum and focus on foods like fresh fruits, fresh
vegetables, lean protein sources, low-fat dairy products, and
whole grains. These are all keys to a healthful and balanced diet that’s rich in nutrients.